11/28-12-2: 7th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress, Orlando, Florida.  The Science and Implementation of the Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy is proposed to be an agenda item during the Special Sessions.  http://afefirecongress.org/

1/28-2/2: Society for Range Management Annual Meeting: Empowerment Through Applied Science, Sparks, NV http://annualmeeting.rangelands.org/

2/1-2: Great Basin Consortium Summit: The Science of Sagebrush Country Working Lands, Sparks, NV http://greatbasinfirescience.org/events-webinars/2018/2/1/great-basin-consortium-annual-meeting

3/26-29: National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop, Reno, NV http://www.iawfonline.org/2nd_CohesiveStrategyWorkshop2018/

5/21-24: Fire Continuum Conference: Preparing for the Future of Wildand Fire, Missoula, MT http://firecontinuumconference.org/